Toycon 2018

Toycon 2018

Toycon 2018 960 960 Lisa Rae Hansen

I wasn’t able to go to Toycon UK this year but I was very lucky to have been involved in 3 custom shows which were part of the event.

First up was Zukaty’s mini Bruzzy custom show!

Read The Toy Chronicle’s coverage of the show here.

“One two, Bruzzy’s coming for you!”

Next up is Angry Hedgehog x Martian Toys Boo Custom show!

Read about the show on The Toy Chronicle here!

We were each sent a resin “Boo!” pictured below.

Here is my submission, “Little Red’s Hood”

And lastly I painted a skate deck for David Stevenson’s “I¬† am Board” show.

Here is my hand painted Heavy Metal Wookie Skate Deck!

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