Quokka Oats

Quokka Oats

Quokka Oats 640 360 Lisa Rae Hansen

I was commissioned by Jeffrey Koh at the awesome Flabslab to create a character for them to produce as a small resin run. The brief was to create a cheeky wee boy dressed in a Quokka suit.  My first step was to Google a Quokka.

Where have I been? How have I missed the most adorable marsupial on the planet? Well these happy looking little critters have become infamous for their natural smile and friendly disposition and of course the Quokka Selfie.

Some of my initial doodles below.

Once we decided on which direction to go and scale I began the sculpt. I started with the head first.

It had to be a simple sculpt for reproduction so I made it in 2 pieces. The head I attached with a magnet so it could rotate. The body, arms and legs were a solid sculpt.

And the finished article!

Boxart by @erikartoon

Go get you Quokka Oats here!








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