Owange Boy Custom

Owange Boy Custom

Owange Boy Custom 960 960 Lisa Rae Hansen

I was invited by Flabslab to take part in the “Oh Boys! Custom Show” to customise a Kong Andri’s OWANGE BOY figure set.

Owange Boy and his 3 little friends are so cute!! After a lot of drawing and countless possibilities I kept coming back to the helmet reminding me of Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing helmet. And one of the little friends appeared to be the perfect shape for R2D2’s head.

I used a magnet for the head so it could rotate like R2’s. See the link below to a little film.


For Luke’s helmet I made the clear yellow visor from resin.


The “Oh Boys! Custom Show” is part of the BigBigCon happening November 2-3rd at *SCAPE¬† showcasing 20 artists’ art on Kong Andri’s OWANGE BOY figure sets which is produced in resin by FLABSLAB.

Thanks for looking!


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