Super Series Sundays MegaSeth

Super Series Sundays MegaSeth

Super Series Sundays MegaSeth 640 640 Lisa Rae Hansen

After MegaSeth sold out on Tenacious Toys booth at New York Comic Con in October last year, they asked me if I would do another exclusive for their Super Series Sundays and I said yes!

The inspiration for this release was Tenacious Toy’s owner Benny Kline’s beloved pitbull brilliantly named “Love Monster” who is also the company’s mascot.  Check out this handsome devil…

I made the dog look kind of mean, not in the slightest because I think pitbulls are mean but I wanted it to be a bit edgy to suit MegaSeth.  I painstakingly painted these tiny little logos by hand and almost went cross eyed in the process!

There are 8 “Love Monster” edition figures, they are 4 inches tall and come bagged with a header card signed and numbered.

The package includes a signed and numbered mini print and a pin all for $60 USD.

Come visit the Super Series Sundays page at Tenacious Toys 6PM EST on Feb 2 here and get yourself some LOVE Monster!

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