Heavy Metal Wookie

Heavy Metal Wookie

Heavy Metal Wookie 1024 766 Lisa Rae Hansen

I seem to be going with a theme here, following on from MegaSeth, let me introduce “Heavy Metal Wookie”.  

So I searched for a vintage Chewbacca and had a little fun with him!

This custom came about as I got thinking about the eye sculpts I did on MegaSeth.  I thought they would look really cool detailed into Chewbacca’s hair and the character concept seemed to fit with the giant Wookie. Even the strap over his shoulder had to be for a guitar. It just all seemed to make sense!!

I rebuilt one hand into the “Devil Salute” and built up the eye details, working with the form of the hair, blending them into it.  I also added on the classic tongue, cause that seemed to suit Chewie.

Chewbacca has donned some yellow face paint and traded in his gun for a new weapon of choice; an electric guitar.  He is ready to take center stage.

He is 4.5 inches tall, stands on a base and has a removeable guitar which attaches to his back with magnets.

“Heavy Metal Wookie” will be up for sale on Thursday 12th December, this week 10pm GMT for ¬£35 (approx $57.50) plus shipping.  He will come bagged with a header card, available at ibreaktoys.storenvy.com

Thanks for looking!

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