Babycakes Loves Cavey

Babycakes Loves Cavey

Babycakes Loves Cavey 640 459 Lisa Rae Hansen

I was lucky enough to be invited by the immenselly talented Holly Stanway aka A Little Stranger, to take part in Hey Cavey’s Custom Vinyl show to celebrate Cavey’s 3rd birthday. What an honour!

The show took place last night at the Fleet River Bakery in London and featured over 40 vinyl Caveys customized by artists worldwide. Here are some of my favourites from this incredible show!

My contribution is entitled “Babycakes Loves Cavey”.

I didn’t want to change much about the cavey figure, I love the branding of the uber cute character.  So I decided to create a superfan wearing a Cavey backpack.

I made a little video to show the piece:

  Keep an eye out, Babycakes might make an appearance of her own some day.

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