Time Warped Show

Time Warped Show

Time Warped Show 1024 768 Lisa Rae Hansen

I was invited to take part in a show called “Timewarped” in Berlin which was curated by Matt Jones AKA Lunartik. The brief was to create a functional wall clock, maximum size approx 50 cm squared.

This was a brilliant opportunity to do something a little different and to go BIG!

I worked with mainly plywood for the functionality and scale of the piece. Cutting the plywood I managed to do the classic knife slipping over the edge of the steel rule and almost losing the tip of my finger. Pause time on the clock for a quick trip to A&E.

I really wanted to do something with a nod to the Cuckoo style clock.  I played with the theme that a clock has a face and I gave mine 3, one of which is spitting out the cuckoo bird.  The clock is flat to the wall but the box shaped head is built in such a way that it is 3d.  I painted each face different tones of grey to emphasise the forms.

I hope you like it!

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