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Heavy Metal Qee, let the show begin…

Daniel Perry of FugiMe has curated a fantastic art toy show which is on now at Forbidden Planet in their London Megastore.  It opened on Thursday 12th of April and runs for only a week climaxing with a meet the artists session on Thursday 19th April from 6pm.
Th platform is a Toy2R 8 inch Qee with the theme of Heavy Metal.
I am very proud to be involved in this amazing project which features an amazing roster of all UK artists.

Daniel has produced a beautiful glossy 64 page colour book dedicated to the show, where each artist and their custom has a full spread with description, a must have for any toy collector.  You can buy it here at FugiMe or here at Forbidden Planet.

Proceeds donated to The Garden House Hospice.
The finished toys will go on sale at FugiMe after the show ends, around the 20th of April. You will be able to own your favorite Heavy Metal Qee

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