Bones 1024 766 Lisa Rae Hansen
“Bones” is my piece for Project QiQi. 

Chris Alexander of Creo Design is showcasing around 35 international artists interpretations of Ziqi Wu’s original toy at ToyconUK next year in April.

I loved working on this toy, it’s sculptural form gave me endless ideas, but I had to pick one! I reinterpreted the little shape on the top of Ziqi Wu’s original design as the tip of a bone, and cut it away to create a housing for a full length resin shaped bone pendant/necklace, which is worn on an oxidised silver chain and and stows away in the figure’s head at the end of the day.

Below is the film I made to illustrate how it functions.  My brother-in-law Peter Lockhart AKA Mindflare produced the music that themes Bones.

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